Ditch the paper clutter and unleash the power of your documents with Auggit, the champion of paperless workplaces. Our user-friendly Document Management System empowers businesses to effortlessly conquer document chaos. Retrieval is a breeze, transforming information into a valuable asset that fuels your success. Auggit streamlines workflows, boosts productivity, and unlocks the true potential of your documents. Join the paperless revolution and embrace a sustainable future - all with Auggit.

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Our Mission

Reducing the burden of environmental damage has always been the cornerstone of the company’s development. With more than a million sheets of paper already saved, we work hard to protect millions more by expanding the scope of digital transformation that the company can provide.

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Our Vision

Standing proudly at the forefront, Auggit’s dual focus on cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness ensures our place as pioneers in spearheading the drive towards a digital world. Additionally, we aim to provide cost-effective margins, making our services not only high-quality but also economically feasible like no other.


Auggit fosters a paperless future, promoting innovation and sustainability together.

Govind Gagoria, Founder

Our Team

Get to know the individuals behind the cohesive functionality and elevated user experiences that come with Auggit.

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Divesh Sharma

Chief Operating Officer
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Somparv Pareek

Technology Consultant
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Jatin Jindal

Senior Sales Manager
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Anmol Sharma

Legal Executive
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55 Technologies

Tech Partner


Explore milestones showcasing our commitment to excellence, from innovations to seamless integrations. Celebrate our success, setting benchmarks for the future.

  1. Creation of Search Engine and Audit Productivity tool for Accounting and ERP softwares

    We introduced a groundbreaking search engine and audit productivity tool that streamlines data management, enhances productivity, and ensures meticulous compliance. A transformative leap in the accounting sector, this tool helped set the tone for the various innovations that Auggit had left to offer.

  2. Creation of Document Sync functions & introduction of Digitising Services

    The creation of Document Sync function marked the beginning of the incredible success in streamlining workflow. Additionally, we introduced Digitizing Services, ensuring adaptability by incorporating digital formatting for businesses of all sizes.

  3. Merging Document Management Repository & Voucher Management Repository

    We achieved a pivotal milestone by seamlessly merging the Document Management Repository with the Voucher Management Repository. This integration enhanced organizational efficiency, providing a unified platform for comprehensive document and voucher management.

  4. Secure & Customer-Friendly Cloud based Document Management Implemented

    Possibly our most important milestone came in the form of creating a secure and customer-friendly cloud-based Document Management System. This milestone reflects our commitment to data integrity and user satisfaction, as evidenced by our employment of Amazon Web Services.

  5. Held our Clients to digitally conduct audits despite of Corona.

    Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we empowered our clients with innovative digital solutions to seamlessly conduct audits. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and robust virtual platforms, we ensured uninterrupted auditing processes while prioritizing safety and efficiency. By embracing digital tools and agile methodologies, we enabled our clients to navigate through uncertainty with confidence, maintaining compliance and driving business continuity.

  6. Progression Towards SaaS as we acheived 3 consecutive Annual Audit Cycles for Inital Customer Base

    A milestone that guided us in our progression towards SaaS, we successfully completed three consecutive Annual Audit Cycles for our initial customer base. This milestone indicated not only the efficiency of our work, but also the trust of our clients.

  7. Auggit Mobile App to ensure company accessibility in the palm of your hands

    A milestone depicting our aim to stay at the top of the market -  the Auggit Mobile App was made to bring your business to the tips of your fingers. Seamlessly connect and manage tasks on the go, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Experience unparalleled company accessibility while also staying in control by always being connected to your company’s pulse.